Reading Lesson Activity—Summarizing

Reading Lesson Activity—Summarizing

Nancy D. author


May 8, 2011

Professor Amy Beattie

University of Phoenix Material

Lesson Plan Outline—Reading Lesson Activity



Grade Level


Length of Lesson

Two days

Instructional Objectives

and Outcomes

Objective: Students will write summaries and match summaries to originals.

Outcome: Students will be able to summarize information from textbooks.


Reading Comprehension 2.4 Compare the original text to a summary to determine whether the summary accurately captures the main ideas, includes critical details, and conveys the underlying meaning.

–Other standards met by lesson

Wring Strategies:

1.6 Revise writing for word choice;

Written and Oral Language Conventions:

Use correct and varied sentence types and sentence openings to present a lively and effective personal style.

1.4 Edit written manuscripts to ensure that correct grammar is used.

1.5 Use correct punctuation and capitalization.

1.6 Use correct spelling conventions.


Computer with access to movie reviews and overhead projector connection.

Materials Needed

Day 1: Science texts and movie reviews online.

Day 2: Science texts and copies of student summaries.

Anticipatory Set   (Opening/Motivation)

Movie reviews—students will guess what movie is being summarized in current reviews.

Teacher will briefly mention that today students will practice summarizing and tomorrow they will also identify summaries.

Teacher will have students at each table discuss among themselves the definition of “summarize” and share out answers.

Teacher will circulate during table discussions to check for understanding at all levels.


Day 1:

Day 2:

Students will be placed in groups of 3-4, based on learning styles and differentiation needs.

Each group will choose a different paragraph from the science textbook and write a summary of the paragraph.

Teacher will check and ask group to revise and edit as necessary.

(Teacher will make copies of complete student summaries)

Formative assessment: Working in the same groups, students will match each summary to the correct paragraph in the science textbook and turn in finished work.

Group discussion using questions below. Teacher will give students the opportunity to think, pair, share during group discussion, offering peer scaffolding for all learners.

Individual summative assessment: Summarize a given paragraph from the social studies textbook.

Discussion Questions

What are the two main difficulties in summarizing? Would you rather read a summary or the original? Why? What might you miss out on? Would you rather see a summary or the original? Why? Something really funny happened. You call a friend to tell her/him about it. Do you tell her/him a summary or all the details? Why?


Students will write individual summaries of a given paragraph from the social studies text.

Rubric for summarizing in groups:

Students worked harmoniously together /7

Main points are highlighted /10

Extra information is excluded /10

Students use their own words /8

Students use their own sentence structure/8

Grammar, spelling, and punctuation /7


Scoring for matching summaries: 8/8 A

6/8 B

4/8 C

2/8 D

0/8 F

Rubric for individual summaries:

Main points are highlighted /11

Extra information is excluded /11

Students use their own words /10

Students use their own sentence structure/10

Grammar, spelling, and punctuation /8


Instructional strategies to allow differentiation for both higher level thinking and scaffolding for others are highlighted.

Movie Reviews (Common sense media, 2011)

In this adaptation of Jonathan Swift’s classic satire, Lemuel, a mailroom clerk at a New York City newspaper, has for years nursed a crush on travel editor Darcy Silverman. When an ambitious new mailroom employee is hired one day and promoted the next, Lemuel decides to approach Darcy for a date — but instead he makes her think he’s interested in becoming a travel writer. After he turns in a plagiarized writing sample, Darcy assigns Lemuel a feature story about the Bermuda Triangle, where he sails into a storm that lands him on the diminutive island kingdom of Lilliput. There, he proves himself a hero, befriends Horatio — a commoner who’s in love with Princess Mary  — and proceeds to lie spectacularly about himself to the everyone, since, for once in his life, he’s beloved. But everything’s in jeopardy when the princess’ betrothed, General Edward starts to feel threatened.

Back in the days of ancient Egypt, cats ruled. But with the help of dogs, humans took over, and cats have been trying to regain their position ever since. An evil rogue cat named Mr. Tinkles has a plot to foil the development of an injection that would cure allergies to dogs. If he can get the formula, reverse its effects, and expose every human in the world to it, then everyone would become allergic to dogs, and cats could take over.

Class president Nova Prescott is in charge of planning her school’s senior “activity.” Everywhere she looks, guys are going to elaborate lengths to ask potential dates to the dance, but Brandon the boy she’s interested in, simply asks her to carpool together instead of making it a big deal. Her mild disappointment is replaced by horror when she realizes that all of the prom decorations have been destroyed in a small campus fire. The principal offers the help of Jesse Richter a troubled senior who must help Nova reconstruct the decor as punishment for his truancy. The two hesitantly begin to work together every day after school, and as they begin to see past each other’s reputations, the rest of the senior class deals with their own personal dramas in the lead up to the big night.

Based on true-life events, this movie chronicles the life of Bethany Hamilton in the weeks leading up to the shark attack that resulted in the loss of one of her arms — and the months of healing that followed. Her parents struggle to keep her strong even as they learn how to process the overwhelming feelings that engulf them. Bethany ultimately has two challenges to face: getting back on the board with confidence and joy and coming to peace within herself over the tragedy.

Answers: 1) Gulliver’s Travels 2) Cats and Dogs 3) Prom 4) Soul Surfer


Common sense media. (2011). Movie reviews. Retrieved from



Reading Lesson Activity

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