Technology Management: Best and Worst Case Scenarios

CELL PHONE: Student Responsibilities and Expectations
Unless you have been directly told by the teacher that you can voluntarily use your cell phone or applications for a task, students must keep phones in pockets/backpacks and turned off.
Students agree to abide by their cell phone plans and what was discussed with their parent(s)/guardian(s)
On days that cell phones are used in class, students will have their cell phones out on their desks in full view and may not move quickly between applications when the teacher approaches.
You do not need a phone for this class. All instructional technology for this class will be provided for you.

Computer Work
During computer work, students are expected to:
Do the assigned program when it is assigned
Stay at the students computer working quietly
Do not have any other browser tab open
If done early, inform the teacher:

Taking Care of Computers and Other Electronic Devices
Carefully take out computer and check for any damage
Always carry laptops with TWO hands, or holding it with one hand to your upper body.
Secure laptops in the center of your workspace, and not on top of anything else.
Log out of all applications (leave computer on)
Carefully return laptops and make sure you plug them in
If anything happens to any school electronic device in your possession, let the teacher know right away.

Best Case Scenario: Students respect equipment, using it safely and responsibly, benefiting from the convenience and intrinsic motivation that comes with it.
Worst Case Scenario: Students break laptops and other electronic devices. Students eventually use laptops as entertainment devices, disregarding the educational uses for which they have been assigned. Students access inappropriate sites and play music which cause a major group disruption.

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