Essay on Classroom Diversity

The lesson topic “I am special you are special too” has a direct connection with cultural diversity via students being proactive in sharing their identities with one another. These identities encompass each student’s family, language, food, and music to mention a few traits that make up their cultural identities. When students participate in Think Pair Share and collaborate they are exposing one another to cultural traits that students may have in common or may not. It is a cultural awakening for the student when they come across traits that they do not have in common. Through students’ interactions, the ability of acceptance to the unknown is initiated and continues to take form. Through the application of kinesthetic, visual, and auditory learning students are able to comprehend what is outside the confines of their own identities and realize that their environment plays a significant role of who they are as individuals. The engaging application of the song “If you’re happy and you know it” serves as an example of the various teaching strategies utilized in teaching cultural diversity. The acvtivity also provides an opportunity for the teacher to use the strategy of “modeling” for stundents’ comprehension of the cultural concepts. The strategy of modeling can be additionally applied when teach students subcultures that are individualized to each school.



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