Advisory – Dressing for Success

Week 19 Theme:

Dressing for Success (being in UFSA uniform and dress code) – The policy and how it supports the Eagle expectations

The policy:

— At United for Success Academy, we are committed to maintaining ideal conditions for safety and learning.

— Our dress code limits distractions so that all students may fully concentrate on their learning.

— At UFSA, we call this “Dressing for Success:” When students are in their school uniform, students show they are ready for school and for learning.

Regular Dress Code

> Green polo uniform shirt — must be visible, especially inside building.

> Khaki pants, skirt or shorts.

> Black belt

> Black, white or gray shoes with NO additional colors.

> Top fully worn and must show the UFSA logo and key words.

> Keep polo, hoodies and/or jacket off shoulders and NOT around neck.

> Only plain light gray or white long sleeves and hoodies can be worn underneath UFSA tops.

> Mid-riffs must be fully covered at all times.

> Sagging pants are NOT allowed.

> Student must use a belt to keep pants, skirts or shirts around their waist.

PE Dress Code

> Green athletic sweats

> UFSA t-shirt or white t-shirt

> UFSA sweater/green or gray sweater.

Important Dress Code Issues

* No shoes or shoestrings that are or have solid blues, reds.

* Outer-wear: jackets and sweaters with zippers — no red or blue — must be unzipped so polo shirts can be visible inside the building.

* Headwear: hats, bandanas, hoods — cannot be worn inside building during school hours or classes.

* Hats can ONLY be worn outside.

What happens when a student is not in full uniform:

1. When a student is out of dress code, she or he will be asked to call home for a change of clothes to be in full uniform.

2. If the student is unable to change into full uniform, the student will get an in-house detention.

Please note: the dress code violation gets recorded and student will serve detention as a consequence.

Here are some suggested talking points:

Be Safe:

— Wearing our uniform lets our neighbors and community know we are students, teachers and staff at United for Success Academy.

— UFSA students can recognize each other in the neighborhood and show Eagle pride and spirit!

Be Responsible

— When you come to school in your uniform you show are ready to learn.

— Being uniform is how you show your “professionalism:” Your profession is being a full-time student, focused on learning and studying.

Be Respectful

— A UFSA student shows respect for teachers and classmates by being in uniform.

— Our school raises the value of the surrounding neighborhood; they know you are a student in uniform and makes our community safe, too.

— Being in uniform also honors our community and neighborhood, letting our neighbors know who we are and that we care for all of our community.

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