Use of Sentence Frames


It sounds like you are doing a great job understanding the needs of the

boy in your class. Have you tried sentence frames? I don’t know if he

can read at all ( but you can also do it orally). You would give him a basic

sentence structure and have him repeat/read it, but fill in the blanks. You

said he does not say complete sentences. So you could give him the

frame “I______at the park”, or “I ______ at the ________.” and he would fill

in the blanks, for example.

For writing paragraphs, I do the same things for my struggling students.

I write the paragraph, and have them fill in the words to make their story.

As we go on in the year, I provide less and less words, and usually after

much practice, they are writing 4-5 sentence paragraphs themselves,

because they seem to get the idea of the structure.

Janet Callebert

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