Reading Conventions

c1a identify root words

c1b.1 use prefixes to infer word meaning

c1b.2 use suffixes to infer word meaning

c1c use context to confirm meaning

c2a.1 identify authors feelings

c2a.2 identify authors purpose

c2a.3 identify main ideas

c2a.4 identify point of view

c2a.5 identify supporting details

c2b distinguish fact from opinion

c2c summarize text in own words

c2d compare and contrast text

c2e determine cause and effect

c2f.1 identify logical sequence for text

c2g.1 make inference based on context clues

c3a distinguish between minor major characters

c3b summarize the plot line cause effect

c3c explain interaction of characters

c3d draw defensible conclusions

c3e differentiate fiction nonfiction poetry

c3f explain cause and effect within plot

c4a identify purpose of author

c4b describe persuasive strategies of author

c4c identify author bias

c5a identify components of instructional manual

c5b incorporate info from illustrations

c5c locate support help in manual

c5d identify activity sequence for procedure c5e identify extra or missing information

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