Study Skills and Life Success Course Syllabus

Study Skills and Life Success Course Syllabus

Instructor: JR                                                   School Year: 2012/2013 

This course is designed to introduce, reinforce and build upon learned organizational, study, test taking, time management and advocacy skills. Students will work on specific IEP goals and objectives.  We will work on individual and group skills and you will be required to develop your own personal goals for the semester.

Study Skills may be used for homework.

However, it is expected that all students will also do homework at home.

Approximately half of the time in these class students will work on study skills and/or IEP goals and objectives.  The rest of the time students will be expected to work on strengthening their skills in the courses they attend (Notes, HW, Study Time) or another educational activity.

Student Learning Expectations:


Upon successful completion of this course students will be able to:

1.  Work independently and collaboratively

2.  Be socially responsible citizens, demonstrating tolerance, respect, honesty, and fairness 

  1. Show growth in identified IEP goals


Objectives/Core Competencies:

    • Self-Advocacy/Social Skills/Goal Setting

(activities to support: collaborative games, ‘two truths, one lie’ game,

    • Learning Style Identification

(learning styles assessment/activities online)

    • Development of Learning and Coping Strategies
      • Using a Textbook,

(contest: hide tickets in specific parts of the book – to include different chapters, illustrations, etc., and ask them to find the section – extra ticket for those who find first – do this one time/week).

      • Memory Strategies/Test Taking

(find memory strategies online/test-taking strategies)

      • Note Taking

(find strategies)

    • Organization and Time Management

(Agenda Use – bring binders from classes)

    • Transition Planning

(use ITP info – later include on IEPs)


Class project – create keynote presentation to teach other classmates the following important life skill concepts: Self-Advocacy, Social Skills, Goal Setting, Using a Textbook, Learning Styles, Note Taking, Organization, Time Management, After-high school Planning


   Grading System:

                                   Transition                                          20%

                                                Self- Advocacy                                  20%                             

                                                Learning Style                                  20%

                                                Social Skills                                       20%

                                                Self Determination                          20%

Classroom Policies:

Attendance/Tardies – Attendance will be taken each period and is updated daily as of 2:45 pm. Students who do not show consistent attendance may be dropped from the course.

Class work Ample time is given every period for Study Skills Activities to be completed, if it is not finished during the class period, it will be due the following day of class. Study Skills Activities will be worth 40% of your grade.  Effort and attitude is an important part of the Study Skills Activities grade. 

  1. Independently complete assigned coursework.
    II.   Independently write a well-developed five-paragraph essay (to include a personal essay for college or other Post secondary education)
    III.    Independently discuss educational needs with classroom teacher.
    IV.    Develop a plan to use school and community resources once exited from special education services.
    V.    Independently meet with guidance to review high school goals. (To include
     scheduling, vocational programming, and long term post secondary planning)   

 Appropriate BehaviorDisrespect shown toward teacher, peers, or school property will not be tolerated.  The Arise Codes of Respect, and procedures for compliance with them will be followed.

Please sign below to indicate that you and your parents understand the course requirements. Tear off this bottom portion and keep the rest of the syllabus. Please return the signed section with your child.


Student signature: __________________________     Date: ________________

Parent Signature: __________________________

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