2013-2014 Student Syllabus: Reading Class (Template)



Student Syllabus: Reading Class



Eagle Expectations


Be Responsible Be Safe Be Respectful
  • I complete classwork and homework on time.
  • I follow directions.
  • I am on time.
  • I participate!
  • I keep to my own personal space.
  • I use positive language.
  • I keep all objects to myself.
  • I use appropriate language.
  • I demonstrate appropriate behavior.
  • I Keep the classroom clean.

Unfortunately, if you do not follow the Eagle Expectations, the following consequences will take place:

1st time: You will be given a friendly reminder of the expectation.

2nd time: You will be given a reminder of the expectation.

3rd time: I will speak to you at your table to make sure you understand the expectations.

4th time: I will ask you to complete an expectation reflection paper

5th time: I will speak to you at the door to make sure you understand the expectations.

5th time: I will arrange for another space for you to think about your decisions.  Your family may be contacted.


*In the case of severe violations of classroom standards, you will be removed immediately from the classroom and a discipline referral will be filed with administration.*

Classroom Procedures and Additional Information

Entering the Classroom When you enter the classroom, please quietly grab your Silent Sustained Reading (SSR) book and SSR journal, and begin reading for SSR time. I will stop you when SSR time is finished. Then, you will start your SSR journal.  If you forget to enter the room quietly I may ask you to go outside and enter correctly.
Tardies Unexcused tardies will result in the loss of citizenship points.
Dismissal from Class Before the bell rings, I will ask you to clean up your area. Please make sure your SSR book and notebooks are put away in the correct place.
10/10 Restroom Policy If you need to use the restroom, you will need to have your planner in order to fill out your pass. You may not leave while I am giving directions or the first/last ten minutes of class.
Sharpening Pencils You may sharpen your pencil as long as nobody is speaking to the class (this includes me AND other students!).
Absent Work Policy


If you’re absent you will have a chance to make up your work! You will receive one week from the date you come back to school to complete the assignment. Please check with me before or after class to see what you have missed.


Grading Policy


This year you will be graded on a five

point scale…


5: Excellent work. Everything or almost everything is correct. Advanced skills are demonstrated.

4: Good work. Most things are correct, and you get the main idea. Proficient skills are demonstrated.

3: Decent work. You mostly get it, but more work is needed. Basic skills are demonstrated.

2: Below basic skills are demonstrated. Much more work is needed.

1: Far below basic skills are demonstrated. Intense work is needed to achieve.

I: Incomplete work. Work is not done or turned in.


You will be graded using four different categories…

Achieve (35% of your grade) Tests and quizzes
Create (35%  of your grade) Projects
Unfold (30%  of your grade) Class work and homework
Uphold (Citizenship grade on your report card) Participation in class


Have a great year!!


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